Top 10 Differences between Rich People & Poor People

As a man thinketh in his heart so is he…..

Many people think that life is unfair. Here you are working hard and yet your income is not even enough to buy you an ice cream. On the other side of the coin, you know someone who does not even shed a drop of sweat and yet lies in luxury. If you think that life has dealt you a bad hand and you were only born to suffer, then you are thinking as a poor man would think. But if you think that you are the master of your destiny and you are in total control of your life, then you have a rich man’s mentality.

Knowing the well-kept secrets of millionaires is the key to unlocking the door of success. In most cases, wealthy people will tell you that there is no exact formula to become well off in life. The secret lies in the attitude that facilitates the flow of wealth. The approach is about the psychological aspect of the rich people.

In our present society, the gap between the rich and the poor is growing wider every day. The rich becomes richer while the poor becomes poorer. To help us understand the satirical situation, we need to go into the mentality of the rich and blessed people and compare it with the way of thinking of the poor and underprivileged. Here are ten distinct differences in the money mentality of the rich versus the poor people. While reading the differences, try to assess your own mindset and see how you fare.

But remember that by defining ‘rich’ and ‘poor’ I am not referring to an individual’s current bank account size, net worth, assets, and so on. But rather, I am referring to the state of mind. A human mind is so powerful it can create assets, or even liabilities. If you have a mind conditioned to be poor, no matter what wealth you have today you can lose it all sooner or later. On the other hand, if you have the mind of a rich person, you can create your wealth from scratch or get it all back faster than it took you the first time, even if you lose it all today.

1.  Rich People Believe that They Create their Own Destiny while Poor People Believe that they are Predestined.

Destiny refers to the predetermined course of events in one’s life. The idea of destiny has a deep history and divine intervention is the most popular belief. People trust that their lives depend on the will of the divine. All of the actions are in vain if it does not coincide with the will of God.

When you keep on thinking that life only happens to you, you will eventually lose the power to change things and control your life. A rich man takes responsibility for the circumstances he created while a poor man feels like a victim of the world. If you want to attain financial abundance, think as a rich man would do. Believe that you create your future and not other people or events.

2.  Rich people focus on opportunities while poor people focus on problems.

Opportunities come in both direct and indirect ways. Problems mask the chances that come. When you look at things superficially, you only see the façade and fail to appreciate the blessing.

Problems and failures are part of your molding process to become tough and be a better person. With problems, you learn from your mistakes and do better when the next one comes. When you face an opportunity, you come up with creative solutions. Avoid the poor man’s action of sitting down and staying cranky about it.

3.  Rich people have big dreams while poor people dream small.

Dreaming is the motivation to success. When a person dreams, he exerts effort to attain his dreams. Both rich and poor people dream. The difference is the size of their dream. When you have small dreams, you work less whereas big dreamers work harder to achieve their vision.

You cannot achieve bigger things if you only have small dreams. When you dream, dream big, anyway, there is nothing to lose in dreaming.

4.  Rich people commit to their dreams while poor people sleep dreaming their dreams.

It is a fact that dreams are the initial step to success. But it does not end there. In order for dreams to come true, you have to work for them.

Dreaming big does not make you rich. You need to work hard when you set your goals. Small steps every day are better than just waiting for time to pass without action. At the end of the day, the small deeds can accumulate and lead you to the stairs of success.

5.  Rich people play to win while poor people play only not to lose money.

The big mindset difference is the purpose of playing the game. Life is a gamble. Every decision is a risk. There are no certainties in this world.

Only those who are willing to take risk achieve financial stability and abundance. The bigger risk you take, the bigger the reward. However, even rich people do not jump to risks without preparation. When you are to take a risk, be sure that your preparation is enough to ensure winning. Be armed when you gamble with life.

6.  Rich people network with the rich and successful people while the poor people network with poor people.

The people around you have an indirect effect on our ways of thinking. Try to associate with pessimist people and you will be a pessimist eventually. However, when you go to a company of jovial individuals, you absorb their cheerfulness.

Poor people think that your wealth depends on your family origin. You are rich if only you belong to a family of rich. Rich people think otherwise. They go with people who can help them. They talk to financially successful people taking notes of their secrets to prosperity. With the right associations, you can become rich even when you come from a poor family.

7.  Rich people are good learners while poor people think they know everything.

Life is about learning. When you declare that, you know everything, learning stops. However, when you admit you still need more knowledge, you will yearn to learn more.

The key to financial success is to accept your shortcomings and learn from people. To be the best, you need to learn from the best and learn to be the best. Only when you open up for learning can you live a life of abundance.

8.  Rich People are Leaders while Poor People are Followers.

Most financially successful people lead the way. Being a leader, you are in front of the actions. Because of the courage needed to be a leader, only those with strong personality become the manager.

Rich people are leaders and leaders are rich people. This idea comes because of the independent attitude of leaders and rich people. Even in an ordinary office setting, the leaders are often responsible for the whole group. They may have bigger responsibilities but they get higher pays too.

9.  Rich people focus on saving while poor people concentrate on spending.

No matter how small or big your earnings; saving is a crucial part of becoming rich. If you try to save even ten dollars a day, that means 3,650 dollars a year and 36,500 in ten years. Well that is even less the interest you get from the bank. Even if you earn 100,000 dollars a month but you also spend the whole amount, you will never get rich until your death.

Earning money takes work. Because of the hard work earning it, think twice or even thrice before you let go of your hard-earned income. No one knows the future, it is therefore important to save to ensure that you have something in case of drought.

10.  Rich people have their money work hard for them while poor people work hard for their money.

The way to make your money work for you is to know where to invest it. If you know where to put your investments, then your money work will work hard for you.

In order to stop working hard for your money as poor people do, live within your means and save up. Let your money do the work and enjoy life.

You cannot blame anyone born in a poor family. Maybe you can call it destiny. But to die poor, you blame only yourself. At an average, a man lives 70 years. That’s approximately 25,550 days of life; enough to make one rich. If you waste your days, destiny should not be the reason why you remained poor.

The secret of a Millionaires success is no secret at all. They take each day as a new beginning to face the challenges that will help them achieve their BIG dreams and goals. Complaining is not an option. Instead of comparing themselves to others, they work on their own lives. They take the initiative rather than mere following. They are confident in their knowledge and skills and do not fear taking risk.

Despite the destitute situation around us, money is in abundance. You can see money all around us. To take advantage of the prosperity, do what it takes to get there. Act. Find opportunities to help you reach your goals. Let your money work for you through saving and investing.

How do you classify yourself? Do you possess the mentality to become rich or negativities dominate your mind? Gaining wealth only requires a few simple principles. All you need is the right attitude, mentality, and action. With these characteristics, embarking the long and winding road to wealth is only a step away. Adapt the mentality of the rich and be rich, otherwise stay poor with the habits and mindset of the poor.

Dalphne Davis


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